A new Vascar for the 21st Century

Now Home Office approved


The approved recorder means that no witness statement is required

under section 20 of the Road Traffic Offences Act

The Vascar 21R includes a video recorder to comply with the latest Home office requirements

it is intended for use in vehicles that already have a monitor screen and in car data system installed


A camera and hand controller are included as is a remote controller for the recorder

For vehicles without a data system installed

Video Vascar

Now Home Office approved

Includes a screen as well as a recorder.

Both these Vascar units are designed to comply with the latest UK Home Office requirements

Our Distance sensor is the only Home Office approved system

use of the speed signal derived from the vehicle canbus may not be accurate

particularly when carrying out calibrations.

For further details contact Speedar Ltd (sales and manufacturing) 01892655909

or Ottery Electronics (technical) 01403701100

Download handbooks here. Vascar 21R or Video vascar

and brochure here Brochure,all versions